Before Haulout

Fill diesel tank add biobar/stablizer

Change engine oil/ filters

Clean head teak boards

Bag books

Clean bilges

Grease windlass

Make 5 gals water for prickling mix

Pickle water maker

Tie down wind generator blades or remove

Check water maker high pressure pump oil?

check battery water levels

Recheck & update inventory – make parts shopping list

Spray locks with CRC

Flush Outboard, run dry

Lift and clean dinghy

Clean BBQ

Remove knotlog, check marks for lift

Turn off fridge prop open

Wipe down for mildew, bleach shower curtains

Run generator dry

Unstring guitar

Close some thru-hulls, make list of those closed

Wash cockpit shade screen

Install hatch covers

Launder clothes, seatcovers, towels,etc

Install old settee covers

Take down & bag Sails – easiest in marina

Bundle halyards at mast, remove furler line, sheets

After Haul Store Sails

Flush Bilge

cover and tie all lines at mast

change oil O/B Lower unit

Flush Engine, wash and spray with CRC

remove and inspect galley drain hose

Close all thru-hulls, make list of those closed

check batteries/put out supplies

bag food/linens/books

Store cockpit table

cover and tie down dinghy

Inspect/Clean Water tank and filter, fill tank, add bleach

Bag electronics remove batteries flashlights, radios

Spray windlass

Close last thruhulls, make list of those closed

Lock Boom

Clean Fridge

Flush Sinks

vacuum crumbs

bag and remove printer cartridges

give away gas

note state of propane, shutdown valves

lift mattresses

remove, clean and grease folding prop

Last Day take down bimini & dodger

cockpit cover

remove garbage

put away blue bag/BBQ/propane bag/lines & fenders/ GPS

Foil & close curtains/ hatch covers

lift duckboards in heads

lower chain and anchor to ground, clean chain locker

store Outboard engine inside

Switch off Bilge pump?

Close thruhulls, spray from outside, list closed

Remove dodger and bimini, tie down frames

switch off most items at panel

Lock hatch

Switch off Power AC

Lock Door

Cover cockpit

closed opened
Fwd head intake (under passage board)

fwd head output (under half round board)

shower discharge (under head sink)

bilge output (fwd of water maker)

watermaker outlet (fwd of water maker)

watermaker intake (under fwd galley board)

galley sink (under aft galley board)

cockpit drains (exercise only grease as nec. Leave open))

engine exhaust (behind port outboard berth)

shower discharge (under sink aft head)

toilet outlet (under holding tank)

toilet intake (under workshop floor board)

manual bilge output (outboard workshop hull)

Before Launch Grease Steering – light oil on cable

Reverse Chain

Check Engine Cables

Unplug Exhaust

Open thruhulls

Check Fuel/ filter

Start engine (water from bucket under intake- clear flush)

Check transmission fluid level

Check Rigging

If not done, grease, mount prop

Grease Outboard, wd40

Polish topsides

polish metal

bottom paint

Caulk Chain Plates if necessary

Inspect/replace running rigging

After launch Install mainsail

reinstall furling lines

install jib

test bow thruster

test autopilot

test shower pumps

test nav lights

start fridge

polish deck

polish cockpit